Monday, May 22, 2006

In the mood for IC

Seems to me that I am really hooked on Irish Crochet.

I am supposed to make a vest of some sort to wear at the show in July. Supposed...hmm, my own idea, nobody expects it from me, just me. It will not be an impossible task, since I have already started, BUT, I get off the subject all the time, just like when I talk. Must be one of my better qualities.

Here is the result of the efforts from last night and this morning. I also made a chain with Clones Knots, but forgot to include it with the motifs.

Oh, my IC method isn't really "correct" since I tend to use like size 5 thread, instead of that thin, what size? 40 - 60 -100 or something!!!! nosireebobby. (where did that expression come from?)

Those motifs are fun to make, but I am still very slow, specially when I use the padding cord. And then I need coffee breaks, look for other threads, look at the books, and then get back to crocheting. I don't have a time limit for my new found interest. I am just enjoying the process.

My next step is to learn to join the motifs the "correct" way, not how I would, just sew them on top of a mesh. Have to think about that one for a bit.


~drew emborsky~ said...

That will be an amazing vest! The texture on the leaf is incredible. Good job!

knitsteel said...

I just love seeing your motifs, ufos and experiments. I can't wait until I see them all together into a vest. I like this idea of sewing them onto the mesh, even if that is "cheating."