Friday, May 12, 2006

Book Finds

I had a strange urge to go out and check a bookstore in a nearby mall. I wanted to buy a Debbie MaComber book about knitting, but there was none. I did find three or four other books of hers, but didn't want them. I have read both books, the Shop and the Yarn, but I can't find my copy of the Good Yarn. I have the knitting pattern book that goes with the Good Yarn, but would like to get my hands on both books.

Then I walked to a dollar store to buy the wrapping paper and a bow for the wedding gift that I had made. I had to make my selection quickly because I had only a few minutes left to get back to work. I walked back by the bookstore, again, and remembered a diet book that I had seen somewhere "French Women Don't Get Fat" by Mireille Guiliano. Let's see how much this will help me.

Very fittingly I am listening to Ginette Reno, right now, singing in French. Of course I understand nada, but she has a nice voice and nice songs.

I almost forgot to mention the book that the friendly girl in the bookstore found for me:
Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales. I don't spin, other than sometimes outside, when I want to be foolish and childlike, I spin around and then get all dizzy. I wonder how the yarn spinning feels. I am not sure why I bought that book, but since it was about knitting, I figured I could relate to that.

After finishing the coat, I have felt lost, and have not been able to even have startitis (word invented by Sherri). Ok, I tried to make some paisleys, but it was not joyful, because my mind was not with them.

However, yeah, this morning, finally, I got the bug again, I dug out the Grace yarn and anything else that was in that bag, or in those bags. I am determined to make a free form vest or top or something for when I go to Philly in July.

Here is the start (I made this butterfly over a year ago)
I will find a way to crochet around it. Somehow.

There is one lady on leave and two on vacation, and nobody else makes coffee in this place. Oh, well, when I make it, it's always too strong, but today I really don't care. I must go and make coffee, for me. The stronger the better. And it's good for me.

I am having true coffee withdrawal attacks...Headache, yes, it's from the lack of caffeine, and I thought it was the loud voices from another office earlier this morning.


~drew emborsky~ said...

Let me know how the French book goes. I've been thinking about getting it myself!

knitsteel said...

I love that butterfly. I also make things in metal, stash them, and put them together years later.

I haven't done any of the freeform knitting & crochet yet, but you are inspiring me. Maybe I'll try it in metal to make a bracelet that someone has been asking me for.

Janet said...

I've been away for several days & just saw your coat. Absolutely gorgeous! Also love the butterfly.