Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Paisleys again

I have been making some paisleys in the past few nights. Not many, because Grey's Anatomy has been on, season finales, you know, on Sunday and on Monday. Wow.

Tonight is the season finale for 24, I think, and that will mean that I will be crocheting some more paisleys, or crocheting around the butterfly, which ever will interest me more. Just to take my eyes off the tv screen, since hubby is going to watch it, for sure. I cannot take all that
excitement, and I can't stand it when they think all is good and done, and something happens and all is back to danger again. Ok, so I'll crochet something that takes all my concentration. haha.

Here are some paisleys I made for an exchange thingy. There should be one more picture, but the black doesn't show all the details.

The paisleys on this one look brown, but they are black. I don't have the fancy photoshop program on this computer, so I can't fix the colors the way I want. Oh, well, this basic program has to do for now.


Janet said...

Love the paisleys. I know what you mean about crocheting while hubby watches something on tv! I do the same thing. We get to be together but I don't have to always concentrate on what he's watching.

Pirk said...

Thanks, Janet,

Oh, and I was crocheting, even though the program we watched wasn't "24".