Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Coaster lead to a butterfly

because.......I made a coaster from Ferosa's "Learn to Cro-Tat" -book.

I know some cro-tatting but not enough to be an expert, HAHA. After that, I was eyeing a butterfly doily, in the same book, and decided that it was way too much crotatted stitches for me at the moment.

I made just the butterfly. Good for me!
Ferosa has a dragonfly pattern in that same book, and of course I had to try that one, too. I was able to make the left side, wooohooo, BUT, how to get to the other side. My thread skein was too large to poke thru the loops. The dragonfly has now become a UFO. Not even a WIP. Maybe a whip, because it bothers me, that I was so excited about the dragonfly, and I couldn't finish it.

But, no fear my friends. I have a solution to this problem. My next attempt for the dragonfly is using embroidery floss, the one that is twisted, not the one that has trillion strands of thread. I tried with a fancy, Italian, expensive cotton thread last night, and it split like a school of fish in front of a shark. Yep, imagine that. Where was I? Yes, the flooosy floss comes in nice skinny skeins (?) and I can imagine would be easy to pull thru a loop that is created in the dragonfly project.

BTW, my GD was at the Zoo, and found Nemo.

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