Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 2 World Cup Knitting

I promised not to post pictures of every stitch I make on my project, so I lied. Here are two.

I have not knitted this one continuously, because Iwas also knitting the multidirectional shawl last night. I need at least two projects at the same time.

World Cup Knitting project is coming nicely, in my opinion.


Janet said...

I haven't mastered using circular needles yet! Yea!...on your project. Looks as if you're making good progress.

I, too, must have more than one project at a time going.

Stashaholic said...

Good job! Yours will be done way before mine - I have sleeves!

Pirk said...

Circular needles are a must in my world. I have been knitting a lot in a past 30 minutes.

Sherri, You can do it! And, it's not who is first. I need to finish mine before I go to PA, in July. I have an earlier deadline than you do.