Monday, June 26, 2006

One Word Fun

Here is something new (to me), oneword. I think I want to try again, with a different word. I hope it changes daily. I found the link in Janet's blog. I did mine with the word "sketch". Made me think that I really should take my sketch pad out, draw something. I have had too many "signs" floating around to make me do some drawing.

Maybe there is a reason why I am so restless these days. My attention span is broken.

Don't think that I am bored or anything, right now, I am just waiting for our lunch hour. We are ordering pizza. Haven't had that for eons. I have a great salad that my hubby made, but I will save it for dinner tonight. Today is going to be a day for FOOD. I do not care if I have to watch what I eat. I do not care. Someone brought in a dozen of Tim's donuts. AAARGGGH. I had an apple fritter. So what?

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Janet said...

Thanks for the link to my blog!

Oh, pizza! I don't eat it very often because of the salt content but I do love a good slice of pizza. Enjoy!