Wednesday, June 14, 2006

When is the shawl done?

If you need to know, I am snacking on turnip.

I have neglected my World Cup Knitting. It's sitting pretty in a bag, on the floor, shame, shame, on me. I hav been knitting this (in the picture) Sheer One Piece Shawl from Iris Schreier book Modular Knits.

This morning, I decided that I needed to start another project. Are we already getting tired of this? I need to make some little flowers for my capri pants. That will not take long, right?

Well, the shawl takes longer to make than I expected, but it is gorgeous, already. I am not using the same yarn as in the pattern, do I ever? But I am using a great yarn from Bernat "Cool Crochet" in Neopealitan (you like the spelling?) like the ice-cream, which isn't my first choice, but that is another story.

I don't eat ice-cream these days, just turnip, carrots, apples, kiwi, etc. etc. and no chocolate. although I found some little christmas chocolate balls in a jar, on the bookshelf, so I had about 10 but it doesn't really count, because it took a great effort to get the foil wrapping off the little balls. Besides, I had diet Pepsi with them. oh, and broccoli, and such.

BTW - This is the book!

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Janet said...

Oh, Pirk, I love your explanation of the chocolate balls with diet Pepsi...that's always been my kind of logic! I munch all those other things, too, except turnip! I've never tried that.

And I am the same way about starting new projects when others are left unfinished (at the moment.) Too many patterns, too much yarn, and not enough hours in the day!