Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday not so blue

Actually, I am in a good mood, go figure. Must be the beautiful green teeshirt I am wearing. The green is beautiful, the teeshirt is just a teeshirt.

Just now, as I was quickly hiding the screen, my boss walked in with a shopping bag.
She had a red jacket and a long sleeveless dress, from Cactus, in the bag. Guess what! She gave
the outfit to ME, TO ME, TO ME!!! She said she knows I like their stuff. She buys that line when ever she goes to her trips.

This Monday is not even close to Monday stereotype.

Back to earth. I didn't get any more World Cup Knitting done, since the picture from the other day. Instead, I was knitting the shawl, the multidirectional, you know, plus a new project.

A friend of ours is having a birthday bash on Sunday, and I started to knit a scarf for her. The yarn is Bernat's Matrix, and it's red and black. Makes a nice summer scarf. I have to finish it
by Saturday, because I am going to be very busy on Saturday, so no time for knitting or crocheting. The piece in the picture is 21 (8.5") cm long, and I need to make it about 150 cm.

The picture is not showing the real red. I don't have my good photoshop here in the office, just the basic, and it does not give me too much choice to play around, like the one at home.

I might take a picture of it with my camera and see what happens. I think the scarf is going to be neat. In my books: unusual. And the birthday girl will love it.

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