Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sheer Shawl

Done. I knitted all night, finishing off the sides. I still have some yarn ends to hide, but not many, since the shawl only took 3 1/2 - 50 gr. skeins Yarn is Bernat's Cool Crochet, and the pattern is from Modular Knits, by Iris Schreier.

I took another picture of the shawl today, it shows more of the shape.

Now I will get back to my World Cup Knitting project.


Janet said...

Pretty! The colors are soft and remind me of ice cream.

Have you ever seen the book Modular Crochet by Judith Copeland? It's quite hard to find. I'm wondering if Modular Knitting is the same idea of using rectangles put together.

Lulu said...

thats beautiful pirk..

Pirk said...

Thank You ! I like it very much, it's soft and drapy.

Janet, I borrowed that book once from the library.