Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back to FreeForm stuff

I have missed my scrumbling. There has been so many "pattern" pieces lately that I started feeling uneasy with my abilities.

So, I noticed, last night, for example, that my scrumbling was lame. Of course my hook was traveling through the loops, but the yarn was screaming "what are you doing?". One cyber friend suggested that I use one type of yarn, and do just texture. This is what I am planning to do today, thanks to Bonnie.

A friend of mine, Carol, told me to do my thing, that I have done more difficult projects in less time than 3.5 weeks. I told her that I wanted to make something wild for the show in PA, in July. She told me to go for it, Thanks, Carol. Now, it's only 3 weeks, the half week disappeared.

Now that I have gotten my inspiration to flicker, I might have to let my "pattern" phase pass.
Except the World Cup Knitting project. That one I will finish in no time, because I like making cables.

Those two pieces are not very talkative. And I am sure they look strange and impossible to fit into anything. But I must remember, I am planning to make something wild. Something that
would scream "what the heck is THAT?" I am not truly sure if I will be ready for that type attention, but a girl can dream.

I can't wait to see all the beautiful FreeForm pieces that are displayed at the Chain Link 2006 show, where I am going in July, King of Prussia, PA. I just can't wait to get there.

Ok, I promise not to talk too much about going to PA. I tend to yap about same thing over and over, so slap me, if I do.


Claudia said...

Love your colors! And the way you do openwork. So airy and pretty - I can never get there.

Janet said...

I got completely lost in the link for freeform crochet! I'm just fascinated with freeform. I like the new pieces you're showing.

And thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

Pirk said...

Thanks, Claudia. I am sure you could do openwork. I have a tendencey to be too tight, but I've learned.
Are you in the FF group?

Janet, thanks. If you scroll down on the Freeform pieces, you should see mine towards the end in the middle.

Janet said...

pirk - is yours Tidepool? Also thanks for the link you gave me. I already printed out some of the free patterns.

Janet said...

Ooops - no, I found yours. It's a row up from Tidepool. You're very talented at freeform crochet! And the other kind, too. Love your website.

Pirk said...

Thanks, Janet,

Glad you found mine.

I am now making scrumbles, and have no plans for them yet. LOL.