Monday, June 05, 2006

New Project, again

I wish it was June the 9th, so I could start on the World Cup Knitting project.

In the book, Modular Knits, by Iris Schreier, there is a shawl I started last night. I am using
Bernat's Cool Crochet, which is fairly slippery, specially since the needles I am using are a tad too big.

Here is a pic of the start

It's now the 9th of June. I had saved the above as a draft, and forgot all about it. Well, the problem was that the blogger didn't allow me to post the picture, and was giving me hard time in general, so I got fed up. That was on June 6th.

I have done a lot more of that shawl, actually the side now measures about 30 cm, in this picture it is probably about 10 cm, I want to make it bigger, so a few more inches to go before I go for the next step.

Today is the kick-off , and I would start my project but don't have any of it with me at work. I could do some at lunch, but I go home at noon! YIPPEEE. Our summer hours, you see. Our staff has been divided into two groups, and each group gets half Friday off at summertime. It's still spring, but I am not complaining. We started these half Fridays in May.

Have to do some work now, bye, and good luck to anyone who is participating in WCK project!

Later in the afternoon, Friday the 9th.

I decided to put a picture of the shawl start, because I have lot more on it than the picture above has.

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Janet said...

I'm having blogger problems, too. Very frustrating!

The shawl will be beautiful from what I see of the beginning. I like the colors. I'm very new to knitting so scarves are my only creations so far.