Thursday, June 22, 2006

Friday - NOT

I feel like it's Friday, but it's only Thursday. I also feel as my crochet/knit phase is idling. I just can't get the hang of it. I tried again last night, but created nothing else but more confusing scrumbles that don't go with anything else. Such is life.

I went to the post-office to mail a little parcel to my friend Sarah. But, first I stopped at a magazine store and bought: "Hooked on Crochet", because it had a Friendship bookmark, designed by Dionne Barratt, and another bookmark "Shells & Lace", designed by Brenda Stratton. I recently joined a bookmark exchange program in one of my many yahoo groups, and These bookmarks are just too cute to pass.

You want to hear more of my shopping?

I bought "Knitter's" Summer 2006 issue, from UK. I have not looked inside yet. tsk tsk,
Also in my shopping bag there is a copy of "Simply Knitting" WITH a free circular needle. I love this magazine, because it always has a freebie. I have not opened the package yet, but on the cover I can see some interesting items. I didn't buy the magazine for the needle, ok.

And one more, don't you love it, when you go to a magazine store and there are all kinds of new knitting and crocheting magazines.

The last one is "Knitting" June 2006, also from England, or should I say UK. No freebies with this magazine, but I like the magazine.

Some people ask me why I need so many magazines. I need to look at them, get ideas, inspiration, and once in a while I will make something from one of the patterns, or something similar. Other people buy other magazines, but I really don't ask, why they buy them. There are so many magazines available, in all different fields of interest, but my magazines are equally important to me as something else is for someone else.

I did go to the post-office, after the mag. shopping spree.

Why, oh why, do I always get a bus in front of me, loading three million people, and I have to wait for it, because I am turning, and there is no freeegging way that I will turn from in front of the bus. So I wait. And every intersection had a bus, plus red lights. This only happens when I want to do the trip quickly, so I don't lose too much time from my lunch hour, which now will be only 30 minutes, thanks to the post-office trip. (which should have been only 15 minutes in total).

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Janet said...

I can't pass up a "creative" magazine. And then I hate to part with them so my workroom is stuffed!