Friday, October 26, 2007

Startitis and Yarn obsession

Still "thinking" of organizing my yarn stash, well, I started, and then stopped because I found some interesting UFOs.

Oh, and started knitting those Baby Surprise Jackets.
The socks are waiting.

Well, would you like to know what in the world I did this morning?

I went to WalMart (opens at 7 a.m.) to get BUTTONS for the two BSJs.

I got the buttons, BUT, about a week ago I had bought some Bernat Wool
Blend in variegated naturals (taupe, cream, light brown, and some other color which I don't remember right now). Therefore,
I just haphazardly looked around if they had more of that variegated yarn.
No, of course not, so I decided that taupe would go with those colors, and creamy white, too. Isn't that obvious?

I have no idea what happened then, in my brain, but I took all the white skeins and decided
to make an Aran sweater with it (of course I need more of that white). I bought
5/100g skeins of Bernat Wool blend (80% acrylic and 20 % wool) in natural white,
and one skein in Taupe.

Then I decided that I needed those 5 mm needles (I might have some at home, like 100 sets) and some
3.5 mm needles (those I might only have 2 or 3 sets)

Anyway, I know that now I need to go to an other Walmart to see if I can get more of
that white yarn, if I decided to make an Aran sweater, with all those cables, and bobbles and seed stitches...
I might not. Cable sweater sounds good enough.

What do I have with me to work on my lunch hour? A start for a baby hat to go with the BSJ I made for my grand son, same yarn. I knitted about 2 inches and need about 7 inches.
I also have a skein of Novita Nalle Colori sock yarn and 5 sock needles. Not started.

I must have a brain cramp some sort, this is not good, not good at all.
Is there a medicine for startitis and obsessive yarn shopping?


Janet said...

Do you think there's a group for help with this addiction? :-)

Pirk said...

If there is, I am not aware of it.
Have to do some surfing?