Monday, October 22, 2007

BSJ - again

Here we go again. I made another Surprise Jacket. This one is for my nephew's baby who is due at the end of November.
All I have left to do is find buttons. I have a box full of buttons, but not five of the same, or suitable for a baby's jacket, or not the right color, or whatever.

I am also working on another jacket, for our grand daughter, but that is just in the beginning. I started it on Sunday.


Sherri said...

These are like potato chips for you - you can't just do one!

Very cute :-)

Pirk said...

One good thing about making these sweaters, you don't gain weight.

Thanks, Sherri!

Janet said...

I keep saying this - you're amazing! You just whip out another sweater as if it were nothing. This is such a cute pattern and it looks versatile. If I knew how to do something other than a scarf I might try it.

Maggie said...

Well, I must say I love them both. And I'm amazed at the speed you knit things. Are they that easy to pump out?

Pirk said...

Thank You for your comments.

Janet, I am sure you could do this by crocheting, also.

Maggie, yes, the pattern is very easy, after the first try.