Monday, October 15, 2007

Bad case of Startitis Syndrome

Good Monday Morning.

That is a picture of the most recent WIPs. I am not quite sure if I should be happy about this or should I weep. In any event, this is how my mind works these days: jumping from one object to another. I don't think this is very healthy for my hands, knitting so much. However, I am obsessed now.

The picture contains following projects:

-Jaywalker socks with Tofutsie yarn, just started
-Jaywalker socks with brown shaded Super Soxx yarn
-Joyella sweater with Novita 7 Veljesta yarn, pattern from Berroco book, number 266
-The Baby Surprise Jacket with variegated blues and solid blue ww yarn
-Gloves with red and grey yarns, plus one finger with yellow yarn which doesn't show in the picture.
-And finally, the blue sock in the middle is my Campanula sock, I have both socks in the same state. All I have to do is spend one night and finish them both.

One day I will finish these projects, because at this very moment all of them are my favourites.

The Charcoal jacket is not in the picture because it's in my knitting bag, and I forgot about it. The hot pink cable socks are in a plastic container with all my sock yarns. I have been sorting some of my stash, and some of the WIPs ended up in with yarns. On purpose. If I don't see all the WIPs I don't feel quite as bad, as I feel looking at the projects that are in clear view.

I think I need to talk to someone about this "startitis" (remember, this is the word that my friend, Sherri, uses.


Lisa said...

Yeah, me too. Yesterday I realized that I have to start Christmas presents if I expect to actually *give* Christmas presents. The list is long at the moment, but I can see it getting shortened in self-defense.....

Janet said...

Sorry I've been missing from blogland for so problems! Ugh!

I think we all suffer from that disease in one form or another. If you learn a cure don't tell me! I love living in confusion!

Sherri said...

Resistance is futile. You cannot fight startitis, so instead of fretting about it, just pretend you're meeting new friends to add to your circle.

Afterall, I talk to my knitting - don't you? Each piece has different stories woven into it and reflect what I was thinking at that time.

Startitis = multitasking on steroids ;-)