Monday, October 08, 2007

Sock knitting

It's autumn:

I will take a break from my stash organizing. My Campanula socks have a sad look "did you forget us". Well, I didn't, they are sitting on the table, on top of everything else. I have some books and magazines and other projects on the table, too. I knitted one row last night, but got really sleepy. The pattern is one of those that you really have to follow each stitch, so I stopped, before I made a mistake. I have had too many of those already.

I also made a 6" square, but I think I will make it bigger, to make a small blanket, or otherwise called "lapghan". I just have to find a yarn to compliment the one I used. It was a lonely ball of dark violet color, and suspect it's something to do with Red Heart yarns.

I was browsing some blogs today, and found this great Guitar Man Sock pattern.

There are several men's socks to be made for Christmas, so this might be one of the
patterns I will use. None of my family guys play a guitar, but the pattern is nice regardless. My hubby has a guitar, somewhere, but he gave up learning. I work in music field, but that doesn't make me a musician, which is a pity, since I love music so much, and wanted to learn to play piano, when I was younger. I even had one a long time ago, but had to part with it.

I have decided to take it easy today, since it's Thanksgiving Day, here in Canada.
I will make the sweet (yam?) potato casserole, my own recipe, which has not come up yet, it will be an inspirational thing. A roasted chicken, and some corn, and salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. I think that will be just enough, don't ya?
For dessert we will have frozen yogurt, or jello.

Look what I found in my stash, I made this one a long time ago, when I was teaching knitting for a local yarn store. Now I need to make the other one:

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Kelly said...

I've done one repeat of the guitar man socks, its nice and easy. It looks good too. BTW thats not my eye its just a snag I found somewhere. But thanks anyway.
Happy Thanksgiving!