Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stash Organizing

After getting in to I decided that it was time to clear my stash room.

The pictures show only a minuscule part of the yarn collection. Let's say that an hour has 60 minutes, and a minute has how many seconds? so, imagine all the seconds in an hour, and we can start talking about the quantity of my yarn stash.

I have done a lot of freeform crocheting and knitting, thus I have many odd skeins of yarn, also odds and ends, so no real selling possibilities here. I was dreaming about e-bay, but then remembered that Revenue Canada is after e-bay sellers, so forget that one for me. I just organize and weep. There will be some yarn donated to my craft groups.

I looked at the piles and wept. Took some bags into the living room, dumped the bags on the floor and started. I got "all" sock yarns into two plastic containers.
Well, today I found some more sock yarn. Somehow I feel that I will find more, although I have not been a sock knitter until this year.

The title of this yarn is "Stash Organizing" Organizing being a word that hardly ever appears in my vocabulary. I have had amazingly frustrating moments with this stash, but also amazingly happy moments, specially when I have found yarns that I forgot I had. As in Lion Brand Suede, which had cost me a small fortune, because I was going to make a Desert poncho, some time ago.

I am sure I have done quite a bit of it, because I only found half of the yarn I had bought. I will find the WIP of the poncho, as I sort out the mess.

Right now I am seriously thinking of going to Zellers and getting some of those not so expensive plastic containers, because plastic bags just don't stack nicely.


Sherri said...

I feel the pain/awe that you have - that's why I've gotten rid of so much. It made me feel guilty to have all of it sitting there. I've gone down by at least 2/3 of what I used to have and still have a lifetime supply!

My advice (based on several destashing attempts) is to get the clear stacking rubbermaids and label them.

Pirk said...

I bought some somewhat clear plastic containers and they are full now.

I found all of the Lion Brand Suede plus the start of the Desert Poncho, but I have a feeling the poncho is going to end up in a frog pond.

Kelly said...

Why don't you make squares with all the leftovers and make a blanket?

Lisa said...

Funny you should mention Ravelry because I just got into it yesterday. I spent lots of time entering my needles, hooks, sweater quantities of yarns, and sock yarns. Like you, I have lots of single and partial balls of yarn for and from freeform projects that just won't get entered in the "stash" category. For storage, I use Rubbermaid plastic chests with large see-through drawers. I like being able to see everything through the plastic, and it's nice to take the drawers out and sit them down on the floor if I really need to dig in!
Good luck with your stash project!

Pirk said...

I've made lots of squares, and even bought yarn specifically for those. I made a small square, after I read Kelly's comment.

Pirk said...

I have started to sort my yarns, and some projects in Ravelry.
It's a big job.