Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time to start gift making

The pile of yarn on the living room floor looks depressing. The fact is that it's only a small pile compared to what is in the other room. How did I do this damage?
It's been ongoing ever since I started seriously knitting and crocheting. I believe there were times when I didn't do neither. Those times were for drawing and painting.

I found many interesting yarns, and UFOs in the stash room. One of them was a cardigan start for my DIL. I had gotten 1/4 of the back done. Knowing that I had enough of that yarn for almost anything, I decided to make a smaller jacket. I found a pattern in Knit and Style magazine, Jazzy Kimono Jacket, on page 59. It was done with different yarn, of course, but the stitch count and gauge suited me just fine. I did 10" and I need 13, or maybe 15" because she's a tall girl. The jacket is done in one piece until the armholes. I am so excited that I finally thought of something nice to make for my DIL.

The yarn is Patons Shetland Chunky, in Charcoal Heather. I added some Symphony yarn to make stripes at the edges. The stripes will be also in the front, unless I change my mind. The jacket in the magazine is variegated reds with short sleeves. I don't know just yet, how long the sleeves are going to be for this one.

Oh, almost forgot. I frogged the start of the original project. It didn't even hurt.

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