Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yarn for Joyella

I received the yarn from my sister, on Tuesday. I started knitting the next hexagon the same day, but have not gotten any further than half of the first, or the fourth piece, if I count the ones I knitted with the yarn I had.

The color is lighter, than my original, which I knew after checking Novita site for their yarns. However, that is not a problem, my sister sent me enough yarn to fool around with the colors and pieces that I already have. Of course the end result is not going to be the same as in the pattern. My yarn is from olive green to forest green (variegated). I am not using Jasper yarn, which was wayyyy too expensive for me. And also too heavy. The winter seems to be milder each year, so I don't want any heavy sweaters hanging in the closet doing nothing.

Before the yarn came, I decided to finish some of the socks I had started: Campanula, Pink cable socks, Jaywalker with Tofutsie yarn and some others, that I had put in the sock yarn box.

I noticed that there were some big holes in the Jaywalker sock, nothing major, but enough for me to stop and stare and swear. The holes were a result of sloppy M1 increases between two needles. I decided then that I really didn't like the yarn for socks, so I FROGGED the 2 inches I had made. No biggie. I started a new sock with Novita Nalle Colori yarn and love the way the sock is coming out. I have started the foot part already on the first sock. I love the way it looks.
The yarn in the picture is slightly darker than it should be.

However, I want to get Joyella done asap, so that is on the front burner right now.
Sorry socks.

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Janet said...

That is going to be a gorgeous sweater. I love the hexagon shapes. And the color of that other yarn is so pretty. That sould make some very nice socks. You are just so busy, as always!