Friday, July 07, 2006

World Cup Knitting Project update

Yes, some update. I was happily knitting all last night. First at a knitting meet-up with some members from our T-Rocks group (it's one of the knitting groups in Toronto). Anyhoo, I knitted quite a bit at the meeting, and believe or not, continued knitting when I arrived home around 9 (pm). I knitted until 1 a.m., was happy that the vest was almost done. Then the reality hit me, the neckband was loose, I had used needles that were too big for ribbing around the neck.

I went to bed and hoped that when I wake up, the neckband would be ok. I tried the dang vest
on hubby in the morning, and it was TOO SMALLLLLL. Either he had gained weight during these weeks (he doesn't look it), or the knitting shrunk. Which I believe is more realistic than the weight gain. Well, hubby was great, he told me to add on the sides. I said it will not look right, he told me to use the other color, and told me that it doesn't matter, because it is something I made for him in the colors he chose. Must love that guy.

So, I frogged the neckband, changed to smaller needles, knitted a few rows, which looks much better now. I started making the side pieces. I left the neckband for now, because I am not sure if I want the stripes on it or not. I have to think about it while making the side pieces. I am angry with myself that I was working on other things when I could have finished the vest a long time ago.

What does all this mean? I am not going to be done by the 9th, because I want to work on my freeform vest, too. I don't have too many days left before my trip to Valley Forge.


Stashaholic said...

Your "mistakes" end up looking better than my "supposed to be's"!

Janet said...

Your hubby sounds like a great guy!

I often do the same on other things when I have a "real" project that should be finished.