Friday, July 28, 2006

Update number 2 or 3 on Dora Doll

There are so many updates now that I get confused.

Crappy thing happened yesterday. I was happily knitting the shorts for the doll and was elated when I did the last cast off. This doll's feet are so big that I had to put the pants on before I sewed (?) the in-seams. Guess what, the pants are TOO small. crappety crippety crapppp crappp. Start again, and I didn't even have too much of that light lavender left. I added a lot of stitches and then knitted and knitted, and got bored, nothing new there. I decided to add some stitches, and went double on the whole thing, then knitted two or three rows and finished off.
I sewed (again the spelling?) the middle part to make the "skirt" - now look like pants.

Boy, the skirt/pant is CUTE, of course, in my humble opinion.

Has any of you ever tried to get worsted weight yarn thru a button hole that is meant for sewing thread? I tried, and broke a piece of the side of the hole, but it was still good. So, I took a
piece of thread, fed it thru the hole and then fed the yarn thro the loop of the sewing thread.

I now have WW yarn thru the button hole that is meant for sewing thread.

Have you noticed how many friggiiingg times I have used the word "sew..."In one form or other?
I hate sewing, and seeing that word so many times here, gives me chills.

You will get the picture of the doll later this afternoon, I hope. I am working on the hair now, and ... Oh, I created the eyes yesterday, and they are too small.

too small too big, that is the problem when one does not have a pattern, and has to invent one.

I decided to take a picture now, don't forget that I am still working on the hair, and then she needs a button on the jacket, and a bracelet, and of course the face.

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