Friday, July 21, 2006

Just everyday stuff

There are three lanes on one of the roads that lead to my work. There are no "right" turning signs anywhere. Sometimes when I am on my lane, ready to turn to our little street, there is usually some dingaling who is going straight and I have to wait for the lights to change so we can proceed. GGGRRRRR.

This morning, I sort of cut in front of another car, not really, she was "nearly" parked about 200 yards away from the lights. This is one intersection before mine. She wanted to turn right. Heheh, I could see that she was shaking her head in disgust. Oops, I am in the way, and she has to wait for the light to change. For a miniscule second I was annoyed, and told her under my breath that there is no right-turn-only - lanes here, but then remembered my own reaction to the same phenomenon. Then I giggled and I was in a good mood. Yes, I do the same thing, I shake my head in disgust! I was smiling, how silly is that?

One thought came to my mind this morning, on my travels to work. I don't hear too many stories about violence against Tim Hortons coffee place. There are no robberies, no break-ins, etc, and I just wondered about that a little bit. This thought came to my mind when I saw a
police cruiser driving along the road towards Tim's. I see those cars quite often on my way to work. I am just wondering if that has anything to do with anything.

I have recuperated from my trip to Philly, or Valley Forge in King of Prussia. BTW, I should have known at the Toronto Airport that something was going wrong when the officer at the A/C counter was giggling because of the name or the place where I was going. Doesn't everyone know every place in the world? Well, I don't, but I don't work for the Airlines.

I think this is going to be an interesting day. I am full of sarcasm and plausible wit.

Yes, I am back from the trip. I have tons of pictures, and I am truly happy that I went. I really didn't need my suitcase, did I? I managed. It was just so funny to claim my suitcase at Philly airport, WHEN I WAS LEAVING. Hello, there you are, did you miss me?

I think I should do some office work, what do you think?

I started crocheting a Blue Jeans shawl for my sister, who has a birthday next week. Fortunately she knows that her gift is going to be late. It takes at least 5 days to go to her by AIR mail. AIR!!!! aaarrrrggghhh. Will it get there? I should be finished with the shawl by Sunday, unless something more interesting comes up. This shawl gets its boring moments, but I have to do it. It's a pretty shawl, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing freeformish in it. I have found two mistakes already, mistakes, no, design changes. Not going to frog, because the yarn is mohair, Angora Alize Special in deep purple, and frogging aint going to happen.

I was going to post some pictures here, but the blogger isn't in a good mood today.

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