Sunday, July 23, 2006

Shawl done

After my great experience at the CGOA Chain Link event and all the freeform stuff, I have recovered, to my humble knowledge. I needed to make a gift for my sis, who has a birthday next Thursday. Well, it's done, with fringes and all. Now, the only thing is that I truly and honestly tried to follow the pattern, and once I knew how the system went, I didn't need the pattern again, just my attention. I could have done it with my eyes closed, but when I did, something happened:

Needless to say, the shawl had the very first row incorrectly done, but I only noticed on the next row, and if any of you have ever tried to frog mohair yarn, you know why I left the design a'la Pirk there. (It's not really noticeable, maybe only by my sister, or her sharp eyed friends), but
believe me, that first row isn't the only one with design cramps. There are more "mistakes" than I want to admit. The shawl is as if swarming with wild cats in a barn.

Well, when I am looking at it from the distance, the flaws, or design cramps, are invisible, so what do I worry. Just put it in an envelope and send it to my sis. and hope she will receive it on her birthday, or at least the next day.

I went, by bus, subway and streetcar, to Romni Wools today. Boy that place is warm. They had two big floor fans going, but that was not enough. I was standing in the middle of an aisle, and the leaking started. I could feel the little stream going down my spine area, I could feel the faucet in my forehead turned wide open. Hey, I stood in front of the fan for a little while, but I had gone to the store to buy yarn, not to stand in front of an inefficient fan. I managed to buy
some Bernats Cool Crochet, HAHAH, even the yarn name was mocking me.

I had no energy, or better yet, inspiration to even pay more careful attention to other yarns. The prices alone wiped the inspiration slate clean. Instead of looking at the yarns, after a few yarn slots, I started staring at the prices, and got totally disgusted and headed to the cashier. I must say that the young ladies, three of them, were great, I just was surprised that the older lady had not learned to treat customers politely. Maybe she was just as warm as I was, or she didn't have her morning coffee yet, it was around noon. Or maybe it was her nose bothering her, it was attached to a string hanging from the ceiling. Kind of difficult not to look down your nose. Well, what do I know, I am just a simple customer.

Well, here is the picture of the shawl. Had to put it in my yahoo pictures, since blogger is having a major tantrum with picture posting.

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Janet said...

The shawl is pretty even if you think there are flaws. I'm sure your sister will love it.

It has been unbearably hot here, too. I have no energy to do much of anything and I sure don't want to try to crochet or knit! I hate when the yarn sticks to my hands. I'm hoping for some cooler temps.