Monday, July 24, 2006

Dora Doll development

I was knitting happily, most of last night. Ignoring good programming on TV. We watched something, but don't remember what. Hubby made hamburgers and mashed potatoes, and I was very happy. I have leftovers for lunch, and can't wait for my lunch hour.

Dora doll is progressing nicely. The body is done, arms are done, except the finger parts, which might cause a miniscule problem, unless I just do something. The other problem is the eyes.
I have a feeling I have to make them with felt fabric. I might have some somewhere.


Claudia said...

I'm watching your Dora with great interest - my 4 year old granddaughter loves Dora too! Yikes - I hope she doesn't see your blog ;-))

Janet said...

I, too, am watching your Dora doll with interest.

And what's better than a hubby who cooks dinner! My kind of guy.

Pirk said...

Dora has one foot done. The other should be done today, plus the sweater.
I found some Lion Brand Suede in very dark brown, for hair.