Friday, July 14, 2006

What a DAY

The day started early around six am, after a three hour sleep. I got ready and happy that I had my suitcase done and all I needed was my morning coffee, shower and get dressed and go to the airport.

We got there quite early. The Air Canada lady was very friendly and there my trip started with a smile. Hubby left for home and I headed for the US customs with my luggage. All went well and I was happy I had kept all the e-mails for the ticket, hotel and the show, to show the customs officer. My next step was the luggage belt. There was a man busy at the belt, telling everyone how to put the luggage with wheel side up etc. He was talking awfully fast, and people were putting the luggage on the belt, just like I did. Except! I also put my carry-on on the belt, without any check- in paper. Oh, I thought the belt was for security check only. It was not. The luggage was on its way to the plane. (I have traveled millions of times, and I just cannot understand how I could have done that kind of a stupid mistake)

Of course I panicked and the man at the belt had to call somewhere to send bag the carry-on that was without the check-in tape. He told me that it might take a while before I get my bag back. I still had lots of time left before my flight. (boy, did I ever). Finally, after about 25 min. Wait, he took me to a baggage place, where I had to wait for mine to show up. I waited and waited, and finally after almost crying, mine appeared on the belt. I screamed in delight "I got it, I got it", Back to the customs with a new paper, and then to find the gate for my flight. Oh, first I had to take a shuttle bus to another terminal.

There was my flight, in time, wait, it was delayed. Oh, well, just twenty minutes or so. I called my friend Carol, who was coming to pick me up from Philly airport, that the flight was going to be late.

Do you still want to hear about this?

Well, up to you.

Then a little while later, after browsing at a little magazine/candy/whatever store, Carol called and told me that the flight was cancelled. I had not checked the board for a while, and sure, CANCELLED. In panic, many of us were standing at the AC desk, trying to figure out what was going to happen next. There was another flight shortly after, and a computer picked up names randomly, for that flight, because there were a few seats available.
Needless to say, my name was not called. I called AC, and got another flight for the same night.
At 9:25 pm, arriving here at 11 pm. Well, I had no choice, if I wanted to be here for the show, so I said yes.

HOWEVER, another passenger and I stood at the counter, like lost puppies, and it paid the price, we were put on a stand-by list. Life looked a little better. All I needed now, was to hear my name, when they were ready to start the procedures. It was a long wait, from 2 pm to 4 pm, I think, if not longer, it felt like trillion minutes. YESSSS, they called my name. I got in on an earlier flight, and life was better, once again.

I have quite a few long distance cellphone calls, I don't want to see my next invoice.

Yes, I arrived at Philly and walked to baggage place, and waited for the turning belt to bring my luggage to my arms. Hah, nada, my luggage was not there. I had to fill in a form, and now wait.

I have no change clothes, nothing, only one pair of rubber sandals (they have a name, but who remembers it now?) It's 12:15 am, and I don;t have my stuff.

Carol and her hubby took me for dinner to the Cheesefactory. I had a meatloaf sandwich, with fries and cole-slaw. I ate half the sandwiches, three or four french fries, and some salad.
The meatloaf sandwich was from heaven. I cannot make it that tasty.

We also had apple dumpling for dessert, but could only eat a little bit.

That's it, and now I am going to sleep. Good Night!

Oh, I missed the sneak peak at the market place, missed all. Tomorrow is another day.

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Janet said...

Oh, Pirk! I'm sorry you had so many problems on your trip. And lost luggage, too. Things can only get better! Just enjoy yourself and it will all work out.