Monday, January 19, 2009

Scarf Day

Here is a scarf I created on Sunday. After organizing my sock yarns, and sock WIPs,
I decided to make a scarf instead of finishing any of the socks.

The scarf is called Cascade, and the pattern comes from here.

It was an easy and quick project, and I am delighted that I finished something that I had started.

Oh, and the yarn I used is Alize Angora Special. Unfortunately I could not find a sample in the web to show different shades of this yarn. I know I had bought the yarn many years ago. I just never could make up my mind what to make with it.


kittyboo said...

Those colours are gorgeous! I never thought to use a variegated yarn but it works so well.

Pirk said...

They are indeed, I love this pattern and I have some other yarn waiting.

Janet said...

That's a great scarf pattern. And since it's crocheted I could even do it! I love scarves.