Friday, January 09, 2009

Of Being Creative

Last night, at our local knitting group meeting, we were shown how to do slip stitch knitting with two colors. I created the first two patterns with no problem, but then realized that I was getting too self-confident about my knitting skills, and neglected to follow the pattern carefully. Sure enough, my little creation was going the wrong way. Aah, there went my inspiration, too. Of course I had several excuses, like my yarns were not the same weight, well true, one was Dk and the other fingering. What an idiot I am, trying to insert freeform into a clearly-called pattern knitting. Here is one sample how to do slip-stitch knitting with two colors.

I took my freeform scrumbling project from my bag, and started crocheting, and felt much better.
Why is it so hard to follow a pattern, for me, when I think I know what I am doing.

After winning some nice Tangerine color Svale yarn, by Dalegarn of Norway, I was even happier, because I had a project in my mind, immediately. A top for Valen. At home I didn't look too long for a pattern (!!!) because one from Berroco free patterns appeared on my computer screen.
It's called Sherri. I already started knitting it last night.

On the drawing plate, I drew an eye, with color pencil that has several colors in one. Of course the eye looks interesting, but not skillfully created, but a creation nevertheless. No picture
taken, but hey, I don't want to bore anyone with some of my silly drawings.

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Janet said...

What a cute pattern! It will look scrumptious in tangerine.

You're just a freeform kind of gal! Patterns are too restrictive for your creative brain. We can't all be followers....some of us have to be out in front blazing a trail. That's you.

As for boring me with your drawings....NEVER!! I love seeing anything you draw.