Sunday, January 11, 2009


As I was reading CED 2009 blog, there was an interview with Goddess Leonie
She was talking about her own creativity, and what it is for her. I only read a few lines, when I had to
stop and think of my own ideas of what creativity is for me. I have to go back to read what else Goddess Lionie is saying, other than her smudges of paint, etc.


Tiny pieces of yarn on the floor, on the
dining table, in the hallway (don't ask)
some knitting needles and/or crochet hooks under and beside a stack of knitting or crochet magazines, topped with loose pattern leaves

yarn skeins and WIPs in tote bags
almost finished crocheted toy on the table

newly purchased plastic pencil case which is full of color pencils
sketch book by the pencil case

I also think that being creative is going thru everyday life. There are enough turns and
obstacles on the way from the morning to the night when you dive in under your blankets and close your eyes trying to catch your sleep. When you close your eyes, do you see images? I do. Sometimes they are blurry, sometimes I see faces going by as on a film strip. That means I must draw something the next day.

I believe that making another person feel good about themselves, treating your co-workers/staff with fairness, requires sometimes some creative skills.


In my opinion, creativity isn't only something that is
visible, it can be emotional, or physical, too.

Just imagine yourself sitting by your computer, "talking" with your internet friends, and your body starts getting stiff.
You do not want to leave the computer, but you have to make some moves to relax your muscles. What do you do? You create a mini exercise program that is done sitting down, while typing. If you are trying it now, it's not that easy, is it? Unless you are a professional exercise guru or choreographer, which I am not.

While thinking of this, I am glancing at my treadmill, in the corner, by the window, covered with my knitting stuff, yarns, magazines, pattern sheets, some tote bags. I could clear the treadmill walkway and start exercising, and getting my few
minute walk per day going.

As I will be walking and reading my book, I might listen to my Spanish
lessons and creating tonight's dinner in my mind. That is another thing, creating meals. Well, another topic for another time.

But for today:

I will try to be creative, and get on my treadmill and read a book, I will let myself go crazy with all the ideas that are currently brewing in my head. And to think that I was going to go to the movies today, when I have so many fun things to do here at home.

Here is my poor treadmill before clearing the mess:

and some of my "work area" on the dining table
I will post the "after" pictures when I have created something out of this mess.

These are after pictures:


Janet said...

This is a wonderful post! You have captured the idea of creativity so is all about just going through everyday life. We have to be creative in so many ways in the course of one single day. Yay!! I love it.

Ok, now I'm going to get on my treadmill and walk!!

Bearfootbeauty said...

The treadmill issue reminds me of one time when I was even more out of shape than I am now. I called my husband and told him "you'll be proud! I got on the exercise bike for 15 minutes". He made over me and then I announced, "tomorrow I might even pedal!!" All kidding aside, your observations on creativity are thought provoking and, quite honestly, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Pirk said...

Thank you ladies,

you both made my day!

Marsha, I love the bike story, LOL!