Thursday, January 08, 2009

January Day

Here is a picture of my view, if I look outside from my window.

On the creative site, nothing is happening today. As if an invisible blanket was thrown over
my imagination cubicle. I went to Walmart this morning before work, and was getting extremely annoyed because there were no knitting needles. Not even one. I wanted to get some for a co-worker, because I could not find the right size in my needle stash. I had some color pencils in my hand, in case I wanted to do some colorful doodling at lunch, but my irritation took over and I put the pencils back and bought nothing.

It is so sad that little things can make my blood boil. I have yet to see that in reality. How does the blood boil in the veins? Must be pretty hot in there. Maybe it's just an expression.

It would have been Elvis' birthday today. I was sure, in my foolish teenage years, that he would see me, and marry me, instead of that Priscilla woman. Well, he didn't, but I'm sure, had he seen me......although he was much older than me, but it didn't matter.

Now I'm stuck admiring Johnny Depp's eyes. He has the best eyes in those pirate movies, and he looks really yummy in Chocolat movie. Leah mentioned this movie in her blog the other day, and now I am determined to watch it as soon as I see it on MTV or HBO, or BlockBusters. Just for the eyes.

I think I will go home and start drawing some eyes. Hey, that is a great idea, isn't it!

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Janet said...

It wouldn't have done any good if Elvis had seen you because he was destined to see me and marry me!! At least that's what I used to think! He was the love of my life when I was a teenager.

And Johnny Depp is pretty darned nice to look at, too. You have good taste in men!!