Friday, January 02, 2009

New Projects

The two scarves for Special Olympics left this morning. I hope that someone will have some joy from them.

Sherri and I went to Purple Purl today. I have a cowl WIP in my bag, and Sherri had her Lucille with her. Lucille is a device that spins when Sherri steps on the flat foot parts, and the wheel starts spinning, and then there is another thing where the yarn goes, after it has gone thru Sherri's fingers. It's an amazing phenomenon, you must see it yourself. Having this fluffy stuff miraculously transform into luscious yarn is still an amazement for me.

After watching Sherri do her spinning, I started looking around the store, and did not feel knitting anything. I was restless and uninspired. There were too many nice yarns calling my name, but as I had decided, earlier,to buy as little as possible, my calculator in my head was going on overdrive.
The quiet humming of Lucille and variety of yarns staring at me, made me go and touch the softest yarn I have touched for a long time. It was cashmere, in a creamy color, in hanks and balls, with a pink sign beside them promising a 30% discount.

You can imagine someone, who cannot make up their mind immediately, standing and touching those yarns, making calculations, and walking away, but returning in a few moments. I think I made some path dents on the floor when walking back and forth.

I also checked some books that were on sale, and almost bought a book with shawls and scarves, but that cashmere yarn was staring at me from the table: "if you buy that book, you will not be able to buy me" I kept the book by my coffee mug, on the table, and told everyone that it was mine, although not paid for.

After walking restlessly, again, around the yarn shelves, I decided that I didn't need the book, and put it back on the shelf. From there I headed straight to the cashmere table, took two hanks and begged Sherri to make up the decision for me. She didn't, really, but said it was a nice yarn.

I ended up with two hanks, but so did Sherri, LOL.

I am making a big deal out of this yarn, because this is my first ever 100%
cashmere yarn. I have some mixed with merino wool, but it's not the same, or is it? No, because Merino wool comes from a Merino Sheep, and Cashmere comes from a Cashmere goat. (oh, isn't he cute?)

I have not wound the yarn into a workable ball form yet. I am still admiring it on that hank. I am afraid that once it's on a ball I must start working with it. That's the rule, isn't it?

Now, I need to go and finish a scarf...hah, I have not even started it. I forgot completely about the real reason behind checking out yarns at Purple Purl.

I had some charcoal coloured llama yarn that I meant for a cowl for a coworker. However, I was not too sure if a cowl would be to her style, and hence wanted to buy another yarn to make a straight scarf. I found a perfect yarn immediately. Mirasol Qina, from Peru. It's dark charcoal and very soft baby alpaca, 80% and bamboo, 20% The next thing is to find a pattern for it. I bought only one hank. It should be enough for a short and narrow scarf that fits under a coat collar.

I have also started making small Amigurumi animals. My first one is a rabbit. As soon as I am finished with this little toy, I will post a picture of it. Hopefully tomorrow.

Right now I go and check my books for a scarf pattern. You will hear about it, perhaps tomorrow.

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Janet said... yummy! Good for you for deciding to get some. I'm sure you'll make something wonderful with it.