Monday, January 05, 2009

Forgot to comb my hair

She has a wavy, curly hair
The curls are done with
much effort to make them
flow around her small face.
The massive hair
takes the attention from
her beady eyes, fake smile and
blotches on her cheeks.
Her gaggling laugh suits
her unfriendly and cold eyes.
It is difficult to capture her
expression in a drawing as it
slithers away like a snake.
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Leah said...

beautiful work!

Pirk said...

Thank You, Leah!

I had fun drawing her hair.

Janet said...

I think she looks great!! And she doesn't have beady eyes or a fake smile! I think she looks mysterious and mystical. And I love her hair!!

Pirk said...

Thank You, Janet.
I am really excited about this challenge.