Sunday, January 04, 2009

Books and magazines

Do you ever feel like getting out of the house and go nowhere? I did today.

Instead of going to a yarn store, I decided to go to a mall where I could find a store with discount books. Lucky me, I parked my car near the entrance. By the entrance (inside the mall) there is a magazine, smoke, whatever shop. I just quickly glanced at the magazines and there were two that caught my eyes: Verena and Knitter's. Well, I just had to get them to add to my pile of magazines that will be great entertainment when I feel bored, and don't want to knit/crochet/watch telly.

I love my magazines for the nice things inside. Not that I will ever make anything from those patterns. That is not the reason I buy them. I used to buy gossip magazines, and after finished reading the articles, tossed the magazine in the recycle bin. Unfortunately my knitting magazines will not go there, they will stay with me forever. The only time I get rid of a magazine, is if I had
by "accident" bought two of the same. See, that is the problem with my magazines, I buy them,
glance thru and put away. Two weeks later, in a magazine rack, I look at the same magazine, and want it. Oh, well, this does not happen too often, thank goodness, but sometimes.

From that shop I went to the bookstore. I was looking for self-help books, I need those, to become more interesting. I believe that I might be a very boring person.
In that bookstore nothing is in alphabetical order. They have books in type order. Well, if one is looking for a particular self-help book, which was my case, good luck, which was exactly what the
storekeeper said, after I asked if they had this book "How to talk to anyone" He "recalled" seeing it, but didn't know where it was. I spent over half an hour staring at the mishmatched rows of books. Then I gave up and proceeded to hobbies section. There were some knitting books, but, wow, nothing interested me, so I continued towards the middle section where the paperback books on sale were. I found Debbie MaComber's book "Back on Blossom Street".
After reading Sue Grafton's book "T is for Tresspass", I wanted to read something that didn't require going back and forth and skipping pages. Let's hope that Debbie has done at least a similar job as in her book "A Good Yarn" and "The Shop on Blossom Street". To my delight, there is a pattern for a shawl, which I noticed when glanced through the book at Tim Horton's coffee shop.
Oh, and I must mention that I bought, in that same bookstore, a Learn Spanish Deluxe set. Only because there was this magic word on the box: I can load this to my ipod!!!, (I did not pay #39.00 for it, I paid $12.00, haha) it was on my pile of purchases. The Blossom book, a reading book for my granddaughter, and the Spanish lesson set.

After the trip to the bookstore, I decided to take a peek in Chapters store, which was nearby.

I was disappointed with the magazine section, they didn't even have those magazines that I had just bought in a smoke shop, of all the places. However, there was an interesting looking magazine, which I had not seen before, "Living Crafts" I had to get that one, because there was an idea for a Starry Starry Night project. I have to visit and click on Winter 2009 Issue. Which I will do one of these days, I mean click on that. (I did, and saved the project)

I also got the book that I went for "How to Talk to Anyone". Hopefully I will be more talkative when surrounded by any type of people, like co-workers, knitting and crocheting friends, and anyone in general. (if I believe this, then I have truly a very naive personality).

I have not knitted a stitch today, and it might stay that way for the rest of the night. It's time to do some laundry and hope the room isn't too busy.


Bearfootbeauty said...

Pirk, you are amazing with the variety of things you explore. The Spanish thing reminds me of the time I decided I HAD to learn Klingon. Oh yes, I will use that daily lol!

Pirk said...

LOL, Marsha, I am trying to be more aware of what is going on in my little world.

Klingon? it was a very important language at one time.