Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toe Up Sock

I got it, I did.


Maryann said...

YAY!!! good for you! which cast on did you use???

sorry you won't make the kitchener show but I will do my best to do it justice on my blog after it is over.

Happy Stitching!!!!

Pirk said...

I used the crocheted chain cast on. It works nicely.

I have two toes done and first set of lace pattern on one, and half of the lace set on the other (lace pattern has 16 rows)

tatjana said...

Hi Pirk! Thanks for dropping by :) I think I forgot to put up my email address the last time I changed my template, but if you like you can mail me at tatjana.schulz at or when you leave comment it gets mailed to me. Hope to see you again... take care :)

Peggy said...

It looks so neat and tidy. Mine are not as nice.