Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thinking aloud

Now, here is the thing: When I sleep, or am about to fall asleep, I have great ideas, and solutions to problems. This would mean that I should be in bed all the time, when I have drawn my idea bank empty. Of course, other times it's the other way, all the problems come to surface and I can't sleep.

I was thinking of pros and cons of work environment. Of course, I can only think from my experiences, which are not that many, but many years would count to some thoughts.

1. Whining co-workers make my blood boil

2. Lying about how much work they do, when most of the time
is spent on the internet or on the phone, on personal stuff.

3. When the boss wants you to do something five minutes before
you leave for home.

4. High and mighty attitude of some of the management staff. Secrecy
included. The staff is not let know of the important issues, until
the last minute, or via some grapevine

5. Holiday schedules are announced a few days prior a major holiday,
unless it's a statutory holiday.

6. Co-worker's complaining about how much work they have. Would this
have anything to do with above mentioned personal stuff?

Good Thoughts:

1. I have a job
2. I get a paycheck
3. I love my work (it's the co-workers who make my life miserable sometimes)
4. Fun lunch hours. I can knit or crochet, or go out, or whatever.
5. Flexibility, if you are late 5 minutes, nothing is said, if you need an
appointment, you just make up the time...when ever.
6. Casual Fridays
7. An amazing boss makes all the difference

There are more points to both sides, but since I am on my break now, I need to stop.

The story about the picture will follow now:

I want to make a pink scarf for breast cancer charity program. I know that there is one group that collects knitted scarves. Mine is crocheted. However, I cannot imagine that they would turn mine away.

Here is how I am making it:

Stitches: Ch, Sc, Dc, Fldc, bldc

Front and Back Loop instructions are very nicely explained here:

Yarn: WW or DK, whichever suits your likes
Hook: 5.5 mm for WW or if you want looser stitch then bigger hook,
or tighter fabric then smaller hook

Chain 21,

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, sc in each ch st. You will have 20 sc sts. Turn

Row 2: ch 3 (or 2, if you want) as one dc
dc in each sc (you will have 1-3ch and 19 dc stitches. Turn

Row 3: ch 3 (or 2) bldc in first dc, fldc in next, bldc in next, fldc in next,
continue this way to the end. Dc in the 3 ch loop. Turn

Row 4: Ch 3 (or 2), fldc in the first dc that was done in a back loop on the
previous row. bldc in the next, alternate back and front loops to the end.

If the previous dc is sticking up, you will do the back loop dc,
if the previous dc is hiding behind, you will do the front loop.

Repeat these two rows, alternating the front and back loops. Leave the chain stitches alone, otherwise your edge is going to be messy looking (I tried).

You can make as many rows as you wish. Make a fringe, at ends, if you want.
I didn't write the above to make a pattern, I am sure someone has made a similar scarf already. I am just telling you how I made mine.

If there are spelling mistakes, please forgive me, but the blogger decided to be a pest and not checking anything. Not even letting me use the bold or italic letters.

Hope you got something done from my instructions.


Janet said...

Co-workers can sometimes be a pain!! But it sounds like you still enjoy your work so that's good.

Thanks for the pattern/idea for the crocheted scarf. I just finished two easy ones over the weekend.

Pirk said...

I started, once again, to work on the socks. How long is that going to last?