Monday, August 06, 2007

Knitting lately

Hi, it's been a while. No excuses, I just didn't have anything to report.

It's been needles and purl and knit and slip and yarn over lately. At times I have felt totally uninterested in anything.

A while back I decided to make a sweater for me with mitered squares. Guess what, I got three squares done and started getting bored. I am just not equipped with long attention span, or following a pattern that repeats itself. Although with mitered squares one could change colors and shapes as in squares and triangles (reminds me too much of high school math). Oh, yes, after I started feeling bored, I began knitting my own squares, in other words, I forgot the pattern at home, and didn't remember what to do next (this happened at work, at lunch), so I started my own thing, but now the project is in the bag, waiting, because I decided to crochet another amulet bag from Melody's book of Overlay crochet jewelry. I got the center square done and some rows around it. It's now sitting in the bag, waiting for the next inspirational

I had been also working on a baby sweater, and started finishing it off, and did so today. Then was time for a little hat to go with the sweater. Since I am fickle with my projects, I started knitting little booties, yesterday, when the sweater was getting on my nerves. The little booties are truly cute, I got the pattern from somewhere in the web. I followed the pattern (I have to follow patterns sometimes, specially with baby stuff) religiously. I didn't like the way the toe part looked, but I kept going right to the end. The bootie just didn't look right, but I could not figure out what was wrong (I have crocheted booties, but never knitted them, and besides, I am not a fan of making any type of socks or booties). I finished the bootie to the last part and then, only then, read the last part of the pattern: Kitchener stitch!!!! arrrrrggghhhh.

I shed a few tears, took a needle, pulled yarn thru, my way. The bootie looked ridiculous.
Finally, I frogged the dang thing to the cuff part only, and started over. Well, my pattern reading had improved somewhat when I realized what I had done wrong. instead of a few stitches for the top part of the foot, I had taken twice as much. Dingading. The project is now sitting in the bag, waiting for some sort of miraculous system how I could finish the sole part without using Kitchener stitch. It looks really easy, when I follow the pictures or videos. For some reason my brain goes on strike, when I try to do this wonderful stitch.

On Saturday, last, my girlfriend Betty and I went "outing". First stop was for lunch, then Goodwill store, where I found two circular needles, which I didn't need, but bought anyway, and one single dbl pointed needle, which can be added to my set of four, if I have the same size set. I am sure I do. After that I got a bright idea to find a yarn store, and that's where we went. I bought two circular needles (oh, phhleeez, I know I have lots of them, but not the right size or the right feel). I started looking around the yarn bins and told myself several times that I do not need yarn, no sirree. I bought two skeins of sock yarn. Yes, you read it right, SOCK yarn. Oh, why, oh why do they make sock yarns so interesting these days?
BTW, I finished clue number 5, the wing, in the mysterystole3.

I had to fold the work because I only wanted to take a picture of the wing part.

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