Monday, August 27, 2007


It was the dream of drawing a deer. I was looking for a picture of a deer in the web, but could not find anything that excited me. I did hit a link where my norton guy went nuts, but was able to fight back and delete all the nasty monsters. I ran norton guy again,just to make sure.

That was the end for my interest in drawing a deer. My next attempt was a horse. I have always liked horses, and drawing them gives me a great deal of inspiration.

Well, the above picture isn't about a horse, but about a scrumble. I took a break from my knitting, and doodled with my watercolor pencils.

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Janet said...

Pirk, that looks so tropical. I love it! At first I thought you had made a doll to embellish!! I think you could use this drawing as a starting point for so many things. The colors are so pretty and I love the undulating, curvy lines. Keep doing these!!