Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch

Tonight is the night when a whole bunch of us knitters and crocheters get together at a baseball game. The teams are Toronto Blue Jays and L.A. Angels. I've heard rumors that there might be over 700 of us. This should be a fun night.

I have my knitting bag, two bottles of water, camera and of course knitting project nicely waiting for me to get to the subway station and start traveling towards downtown. I still have a few hours at work. Right now I am taking a break.

I have my sock knitting spree going on strongly. Three projects already on the go. The one I was looking for a pattern yesterday, the one I am going to work on tonight, and the one I started on the weekend for charity.

My hubby might tape the game, if he remembers. I have only reminded him now 5 times. He will tape it, I know. Not that I am a huge baseball fan, but it would be interesting to see if they show us on telly. There are quite a few of our crochet and knitting group members, and then all the other group members, whom I don't necessarily know, but will get to know at the game.

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