Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch night

Some additions for this post, since I forgot important things, like coffee, who won, etc.

Here are some pictures I took tonight at the baseball game. Tatjana is showing her beautiful summer top she was working on at the game. There was an interesting teeshirt, the one side was about a good girl and in the back, whoops, she is knitting now.

As we entered the stadium, we received a tote bag with yarns and some patterns inside. The bag has the Blue Jays logo on one side and Stitch n' Pitch on the other. I didn't take a picture of the bag yet.

I love the beret that one girl was wearing. She also had a great hair color. I must think of that for myself.

One picture has Sherri taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. In the other group picture Drea is saying hello. I think Knitters and Crocheters did a marvellous job in attendance.

There was a group of fun people, sitting in the front of me. One young man decided to go and get drinks for the girls and was telling them that he was buying. When he was walking by me, I said, jokingly, that for me he could bring a black coffee. Guess what, when he came back with the drinks, he had a coffee for me. What a Nice guy!

It's midnight, and I need to go to work in the morning, so I say goodnight all, and good morning to those who visit my blog in the morning.

I forgot to mention that Jays won 2-1.


Janet said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love the tee shirt! Hope you got some sleep tonight.

Stashaholic said...

I do believe the girl in the beret is Stephanie's (aka Yarn Harlot) daughter - she was wearing it in the post yesterday and mentioned the hair.

I wish we had been close together - a wave across the ballpark is not enough time for me!

I was too tired to post my pictures last night - I'll do it tonight.