Sunday, August 26, 2007

MS3 Done

Finally. I will be thinking twice before attempting to knit another lace weight shawl.
My fingers are looking at me like I had tried to kill them. My left forefinger has a darker spot, where the tip of the needle kept hitting. I need to give my fingers a nice treat, so they will forgive me and happily continue my sock knitting trek.

I took Friday off from work, to knit my socks. But. The mystery stole kept staring at me from the top of the WIP pile. FPS, all right, I'll finish you this weekend, but let me knit some socks first. So I did, on Friday. Remember the sock that had a lace pattern, and I was looking for the instructions, which my friend Sarah was able to get for me. Well, I am now knitting the foot part, not too far away from the toe, on both socks.

Some trips to my stash room resulted in some finds, Kroy Sock yarn. One ball of each color. How clever. However, I bought the yarns at a sale, and they were meant for my freeform creations. For freeform projects I bought different yarns, and many times just one ball. Little did I know that I would get a sock fever.

I called a store near me, and they had Kroy sock yarns. I went there on Saturday, and was able to get one color to match perfectly. Then I bought some solid colors to go with the colors that didn't have a match. One of these days I will be making those up. Starting from the toe.

On the dream scenery, I had a vivid dream where I was drawing a deer. Then I started looking for books of drawings. If my fingers fight too much today, I might just draw and not knit. Although.......see how easily I switch from one project to another, something has to be done with my attention span. Yes, I have a crochet-a-long doily sitting by my laptop, but it's not making too much noise, it's still in baby shoes. Only6 or 7 rows done. There are about 30 or so rows. I don't have the pattern in front of me, so I am just estimating. The doily is going to be a gift since I have no room for doilies in my home. They would get buried alive under my
knitting/crocheting projects and yarns, as well as hubby's photo stuff. Our home is one production house.

That reminds me of the weekly chores I need to do today, since
two days of pure bliss of knitting didn't give enough time to do the laundry or other normal household projects.


Yosemite said...

You're MS3 is stunning.

Janet said...

That shawl is absolutely gorgeous! That was lucky that you were able to get some matching yarn for the socks.

If you draw something I hope you share it with us.

Pirk said...

Thanks, Yosemite, and thanks, Janet.

I had fun making the shawl, even with many, many, many froggings.