Saturday, April 28, 2007

Knitter's Frolic

I got up early to go early to the Knitter's Frolic, here in Toronto. I was at the full parking lot at 9 a.m. The doors opened at 9. It was nice to see so many people getting to see all the beautiful yarns and yarns and yarns. And some other things.

As I was walking around, I saw a lady wearing a stunning "Harlequin Dress Coat", designed by Jane Slicer-Smith, and the pattern is available in "Knitter's", Winter 2006 issue.

I tried to convince the lady to go outside in a dark alley with me, but she laughed and immediately said that the coat stays... I had not even told her why I invited her to a duel, duh, how did she know. Well, if I had a coat like that, I would not go with anyone to a dark alley. Smart lady. oh, and the coat was beautiful.

I didn't buy the kit, but bought the magazine, although I highly suspect I already have it, but I could not take a chance not having it, and coming home not finding it. Well, I could have always gone back to the show, since I had the stamp on my hand. If I have another copy, I'll donate it to our knitting guild.

So, my plan is to make this coat with Paton's Grace. I have so much of it. I hoarded the yarn when I was in my cotton crochet/knit kick. Aren't I always? Right now it's size 10 or 5 cotton thread kick. Oh, dear me, I am so bad.

I bought 100% cotton yarn, "Londra 3" in variegated turquoise going to light blue. It's Egyptian cotton, made in Italy. I was sure I could use the yarn for my Harlequin coat, but it's thinner than Patons Grace. Oh, well, Londra can be used for something else. I am sure I can think of something next year. I still have yarn untouched that I bought in CGOA 2006 Chain Link in Valley Forge. TSK TSK.

Now that the tax return is safely with the accountant, I can sit back and relax, and start thinking of the finishing for the free pattern I started about a month ago. I am so profoundly sorry that I have left it hanging there, unfinished....BUT (why is there always a "but"?) I am a fickle individual when it comes to my knitting and crocheting. Like right now, I am soooo tempted to start the Harlequin coat, without finishing the vest I am making right now. The vest that is taking all my free time, and my time from blogging. That vest should be finished fairly soon, unless I start drooling on something else. Ok, I will not think of the other thing I need to do within two weeks. Paisleys, ouch. I am in a paisley exchange challenge again, and we are making three paisleys for each member in the group who is participating. that means I need to make 12. I was going to say 15, but I don't have to make any for myself. I made two already, that were test pieces.

And, furthermore, I bought a top for the summer, but it's very open, I am shy, so I decided to crochet something around the neckline. I started already, but put it aside, because of the vest.f that vest isn't done soon, I am going to scream.

Oops, I forgot the 2007 Crochet Calendar, half price. Today must be a forget-things day. I also bought a teeshirt, with this logo on:

It's an oversized tee shirt, and feels great. I am sure I will wear it every time I go yarn shopping. And the best of all, it was just ten bucks, mas o menos.

That's it for my shopping. I am sure I remembered everything now.

And a ball of velvet South Maid crochet thread. That's it. I promise.

I guess I have not mentioned the that has some of my stuff also displayed.

Oh, and has my element scrumbles also. That site might be busy, I could not get in, but do try again.


Sherri said...

Oh Pirk that green has my name all over it if you can't decide what to make....

I'm just sayin is all!

It was so good to see you and get my hug from you - definately need more Pirkko time in my life :-)

Pirk said...

Already tested it, so no go for you, sorry.

It was good to see you, too, in your beautiful green sweater. I just love that sweater.

Janet said...

That harlequin coat is gorgeous! I wonder why that woman wouldn't go into the dark alley with you!! :-)

The piece displayed on the crochet insider is beautiful. You never fail to amaze me with your work. I have barely even picked up a hook or my needles for so long I'll probably have to re-learn everything!

Pirk said...

Thank You, Janet,

The doily is a pattern from Ferosa Harold's book. She has some amazing patterns.