Thursday, April 05, 2007


This is what I made last night, instead of knitting my sock.
The pattern was in a Finnish blog.
Thanks, Orvokki! (The pattern is in Finnish)
When I was looking for the thread to make my butterflies, I found some circles that I had intended to use to make a grape creation. Of course I had to make some more with my other threads.
Well, the grape creation might have been just a whimsical idea, because now I have another whimsical idea for the circles. What is it? a purse, or something.
The persons who are following my free pattern, you will get the rest around this coming weekend. I just needed a break from my pattern writing skills. I had to recharge the flow, but the instructions will be there soon.


Janet said...

Your butterflies are so pretty. The circles would be good as grapes but I'm sure you have something exciting in mind for them.

Tamer Nabil said...

Good work! thank you.
have a good day

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Do you have the translated version in English? I would love to make some too!

Sandi said...

I have worked and worked to try and translate the instructions, but the translators on line can't do it. Do you have them translated and will you share?


Pirk said...

I will try to translate the instructions. Hopefully get that done tomorrow, if not tonight.