Monday, April 02, 2007

Socks, Really?

I have told my friends, my crochet and knit buddies that I will not make more socks. I told anyone who would listen, and anyone who really didn't care to listen but had no meaningful excuse to escape from my blabbing about not-making socks whining. I made four pairs last year, and that would have been my limit.
The color is faded in the picture, because I scanned the sock.

Some time ago a friend of mine sent a ball of "Fortissima Colori" Socka Colori yarn. I have been looking at it, feeling the yarn, and letting my imagination fly trying to decide what to make with the yarn. I don't wear scarves, so that would be out of a question. I'm not too fond of socks neither, but sometimes I need them, when I wear running shoes or boots. I do wear a pair that I got from the same friend, who sent the yarn; she had knitted them and I am so happy that they are a perfect fit and not too hot. She had used Regia Silk sock yarn, and boy, do I feel the softness and luxury of the yarn. Those are the socks I am wearing in the picture.

I was knitting away, at the retreat on the weekend, another "sweater- jacket- don't know what" project, and I got bored with it. I crocheted a little bit, and managed to create a scrumble, but I don't have a picture of it. I also took a class, again at the retreat, about grafting the toe part for a sock. Well, that's it. I was casted on (is that a word?) as in hooked, but since I decided to knit the socks, there isn't a hook to be hooked on. Maybe I could say that I was needled on. OFPS.

The yarn changes colors in wide stripes, as you can see. The light blue at the bottom is the heel part, and now starts the easy part, decreasing on the side and then knit away until the toe part. I want to finish this sock today. I will most definitely knit the other sock starting with another color, just to make the socks different from each other, I am a rebel.


Claudia Dunitz said...

Good luck quitting socks. Knitting socks is like crack. Once you've knit the fist pair - it's already too late to stop. ;-))

Pirk said...

Haha, Claudia, you are so funny!

I can't stop now, the sock looks too interesting.

Janet said...

Great socks you have on! The colors are so bright and cheerful. But I do good to make something once let alone twice!!