Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tree stumps

Here are some tree stump pictures from Canterbury Hills. The third one is a picture of the creek that runs happily in the valley.

We had a big meeting in the office, not for staff but for some "important people" (tsk). They had lunch and the staff was able to have leftovers for lunch. Fortunately the sandwiches were very tasty. I had a turkey sandwich and a salmon sandwich. Too much, but nobody wanted half of my salmon so I ate it.

What is in "Simple Abundance" today? It's about our imaginary selves. Did I ever imagine that I was somebody else. I don't recall this happening in my imagination. I don't think that anyone else would be as wonderful as I am. Ha ha. Wonderful? I meant miserable, at least sometimes, like this morning. The more I read that paragraph, the more sure I am that I never wanted to be anyone else. I wanted to be somewhere else, I wanted to do things differently, but being myself. I don't want to imagine being a famous movie star, because that type life would not bring me happiness. I would like to live on an island, have a small cottage type house and lots of yarn, a road thru the woods, and some mountains and lots of trees and rocks. The island needs to be fairly big for all that. Of course I would need Internet, so I could write these silly thoughts in my blog.

These pictures show just a little bit of my dream. The place isn't an island, but there is water and there are rocks and trees, and a boat to travel. What's missing? The mountain, but I could get that delivered? The sun was hiding, but it was there, so not to worry.

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lila said...

I struggle with knitted socks too.
Sounds like you had a good fiber art weekend!
Come by my "arty collages and dolls blog to see more of the blue doll from Janet's post.