Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Where did the week go? What happened on the weekend? I was supposed to finish the free pattern, and I didn't. I am so sorry, but life got in the way.

I have not read any of my books, I have not written any morning or evening pages, I have just worked on the little round thingies, and other stuff, which I don't need to mention here.

It has been busy at work, and this week we have auditors checking our records. So far they have not bothered me, only my assistant, and other departments. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Guess what, I have not even read my e-mails. I peek in the morning and that's about the size of it. (cliche?)

For some reason I wanted to see what type of a person I am, and tested this one and my type appears to be ISFP. The test has 72 questions, and took about 15 minutes. Interesting stuff indeed.

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Janet said...

The week has just flown by, hasn't it? HB has been one day behind all week! He thought today was Wednesday.
I haven't done any morning pages or read any of my books either. Just too much going on to be able to concentrate.
Now I'm off to take the test.