Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday Bright Moments

It was one of those mornings that I decided to go to WalMart before going to work.  Sometimes the morning
feels to be dragging on if I go to the office early.  This morning I wanted to be late.
I took my sweet time at WM, but managed to get out before 8.  In my desire to be late for work, I took
a long way and got stuck in traffic.  It was barely moving.  Oh, well, I didn't mind at all.  Finally when I
got to Don Mills, the traffic was smooth, Only to find a huge line-up on Sheppard Avenue.  At one
set of lights we moved maybe two or three cars at a time.  Five sets of lights before I was able to get thru.
I came to work five minutes before opening.  That was a good start.  My plan worked!

At WM I found exactly what I was looking for, some magazines and gifts for friends.  I also bought a heart
shaped plastic tray, and if my hubby doesn't do as I have hinted, I do it myself.  Fill it with yarn.  It's not a big
tray, but it is a Valentine Day tray.  I might have to wind the yarns to small balls, since all my red and pink (if I ever find it) are in big skeins, and only two of those might fit in the tray.  I saw this idea in FaceBook a few days ago: Giant Valentine Heart
I must buy some small cupcake paper cups, since my heart tray is small.

On a positive note for today, I have a hard time finding/thinking of anything negative to say, but that's not it,
it's the one pound that I had lost yesterday.  I have not found it yet, but saw some crumbles following it, and
they better reach the lost pound and not come back.  I have not notified the  missing item to the authorities,
and might not do that at all.  See my smile.

I might have mentioned that I have Kindle e-readers.  I have read many books since I got my smaller Kindle.
It's easier to handle than the one with a keyboard beneath the screen.  I was tempted to get the Kindle Paperwhite, but the brain knocked on the door, yelling, don't be stupid, you have two Kindles and  Kobo, and Kindle on your phone and Cloud Reader at work and At Home.  What do you need another one for?

I listened, and, no, I am not getting any more readers.  I have over or nearly 500 books in my Kindles and
as fast as I am able to read, I will never be able to read them all.  There are too many free books daily that
somehow end up in my little reader.

My latest reading is "Witches on Parole" by Debora Geary.
I also have the next two of the series.  First I have to finish this one.
It's light reading, no gory details, no mushy stuff, and romance, easy read.
I have read ten books written by Ed McBain, 87th Precinct Series, which I enjoyed way too much.
Tom Lowe's books are also enjoyable, I've read the four in Sean O'Brien Series, and after my witch cycle I might go back to 87th Precinct as there are several more in the series.

Later/tomorrow more

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Janet said...

Love the kitty picture!! As for readers, I have a Kobo but seldom ever use it. I still like the feel of a book in my I go to the library all the time so I hate to think about buying books for the reader. I can download them from my library but haven't done that yet.