Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday Morning

Of all the days in the week, I could have slept in, but didn't.  Not very pleased with my sleep fairy this morning.
I tried to call her back, but she was just smiling and faded away.  Merlin lifted his head, jumped close to my
face to see if I was awake.  I got up, and he followed me.

The coffee is brewing and Merlin and I are checking the morning schedule.  Looks like he is waiting for my
DH to show up from the bedroom.  It's a little bit out of the norm for Merlin, usually it's the DH who gets up
first.  I am allowing a sleep-in for him this morning.
There is very little food left for Merlin, which means a trip to Pet Smart.  We have a membership card for PS, for discounts, only.  Therefore I get Merlin's stuff in there Also, it's near my home, Canadian Tire and Future Shop, and  a huge parking lot, too.  Which is important. I very rarely go to Canadian Tire, and hubby is the one who goes to Future Shop.  If I go with him, I walk around bored.  Unless, of course
he's going to get me a new laptop, or something.

Other plans for today are still up in the air. 

Some friends were talking about a British TV Drama Series "Downton Abbey", and how wonderful the show is, etc. etc.  As I am quite easily influenced by someone else's recommendations, I had to get the DVD
for the first two series.  Didn't bother with the third one, since I wanted to make sure I like the show.  I ended up getting the third season, too, and spent a few hours last night watching it.  I know that the fourth
season is on TV (already?), as all the other ones were, but missed them on telly.  However, I want to finish the 3rd season, before the fourth, makes sense, right.

Knitting?  Oh, yes, I've done some scarves, some shawls and some starts for new projects.  My very favorite is a Wingspan shawl.  there is a pattern for it, but I improvised my shawl a little bit, and now it's
the one I like the most of my recent projects. Even though it's not in green shades.  It's blue, FPS.
Other projects, Lion for my cousin's Lion's Club show
 Market bag,
 Warm hat, with double brim to be doubly warm, this is for hubby.

There are many more, but right now the positive thought for today:  It's wonderful to be able to create art by knitting, and crocheting.  It's relaxing and brings joy.
I might come back today, after our Saturday shopping and chores. 

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Janet said...

I love Downton Abbey! I'm addicted to it. I think season 3 is on American TV right now...I've watched every episode and it just keeps getting better.

My Saturday is pretty quiet so far. I'm trying to catch up on emails and blog visits.