Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another mid week

This positive thinking is sometimes very hard, specially when there is no inspiration to be positive.
However, my hubby had a surprise for me in my lunch bag, and I got a smile in me.
I had forgotten to take my licorice and cough syrup with me to work, but when I opened my lunch
bag, both of them were in there.  Thank You!  You see, little things make me happy.

Creative Knitting magazine was offering a free pattern yesterday.  It's a Un-Biased Scarf, design by
Cheryl Beckerich..  the pattern is available free for a short period, I don't know for how long, but it seems to be free still today.

Of course I had to start knitting it.  I have nothing else to work on, tsk tsk what a joke.  I found a nice yarn, that I had bought in Finland a few years ago. It's Marks & Kattens Fame Trend
Here is the start of my scarf, and a coffee, too
I stopped at Tim Horton's this morning, bought a coffee for me, and a tea for a co-worker.  She didn't come in today, so the tea ended up on someone else's desk.


Janet said...

Oh, if only I could knit something that wasn't just flat and simple! The colors in your yarn are so pretty.

Pirk said...

Janet, sometimes it's only the yarn that makes it. Simple knit stitches with right yarn will produce amazing results.