Thursday, February 07, 2013

Feels Like Friday but it's Thursday

May be because I left early from work today. 
I was fortunate to change my doctor's appointment from tomorrow to today, noon, if I made to the office before noon.  I was there ten minutes before.  (counts as positive)
I left the Center with new medication for my cough, which has been present since October last year. Some days awful, some not.  Today was the awful one. (counts as negative)

I changed the appointment in case tomorrow was going to be a no-go due to heavy snow fall. Weather people predicted some mean piles of snow.  I was not going to drive to work, was going to take the bus, which would have been somewhat aggravating for my cough. 

I came home, had lunch, and went to bed to finish a story that I had been reading lately.  I had a two hour nap which made me very happy.  Merlin came to take his nap with me, but had found another place later, since he was nowhere in sight when I woke up.  He has a few cat-nap (as per Sherri ) locations. 

I am on "vacation" tomorrow, nursing my cold with my new medication, and taking naps when ever the need arises. 

There is no snow coming down right now, but apparently tonight is the heavy fall.  I predict that all that snow will by-pass our area, it has happened. 

A friend of mine, Janet, has a beautiful art blog.  She is talented and oh, so creative.  Every time I look at her art, I want to take my sketch book and pencils and start drawing.  When I go to my "creative" bag, there
is always a knitting or crochet project on top, and there goes the urge to draw.  One of these days I will
toss all the other projects out of the way and do some serious drawing. But first I will finish my February socks. 

Merlin, the cat, likes to watch TV, Specially animal shows and lately the soccer games (football in my books)
Here he is watching the Spain vs. Uruguay game


Janet said...

Pirk, I hope you're feeling better soon. Stay in and keep warm. No need to be out in the bad weather if you don't have to.

Thank you for the nice things you said about me and my blog. I know you're a very talented artist both with yarn and with pencils and color. It's important to do whatever kind of art makes you happy.

Pirk said...

Thank You Janet.

Keziah Fenton said...

We watched that futbol match. I don't have to crane my neck around the pets though :)