Thursday, January 31, 2013

Morning Thoughts

It was a slightly gloomy morning weather when I was driving to work.  In some areas of the sky behind the clouds the sun was lurking, giving some hope for a sunnier day to come.
Took some pictures on the way to work:

I had to take a picture of Harvey's, one: the sky was beautiful, two: I used to drool over Harvey's hamburgers.  When I was going to university, on my way there, every time, I stopped at Harvey's and had
a hamburger and onion rings.  Those days are gone, no more onion rings for me.  At least until the next time.

In my very reasonable thinking, thinking about the positive and negative, I decided to do the negative
first since what I read last is going to stay in my mind better.

This morning I had a hard time to find my salt, I looked everywhere, and am still not sure if the salt I discovered is strong enough, but I found this:  I found a nice turtle neck sweater to wear to work.  I put it on, and it started an itch on my skin.  What The Heck, the material is acrylic, not wool.  Then I got really warm inside of the sweater and off it came.  I could not wear the dang sweater, and I was slightly upset.

On the positive side of things, I had lost a pound.  It's a good thing, It is.

Those two feelings are nothing miraculous to write about for this subject, but I am a simple person with simple joys and upsets. Anything that gives me a happy feeling is a good thing.
Oh, and I must say, the turtleneck sweater came first, and after that I decided to weigh myself.  That made me think that it's better to push the negative down with positive.

On this note, I will talk to you, if not later, then tomorrow.

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Janet said...

Good for you for thinking of positive things rather than negative ones. I try to do that all the time...I'm not always successful but I think I see more positive than negative.