Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Positive and Negative

A friend of mine mentioned that our friend is blogging one positive thought per day.  Of course I have to copy that idea, which I am going to TRY to do, too.

However, in my life there has to bee some salt with the sweetness, therefore I am trying to balance out
this thought with both, positive and negative.

The first one will be that I found several unfinished projects this morning, when looking for a special yarn.
And I did not get upset, which has been my reaction in the past. I consider that a very positive thing, as
I was quite excited in finding those projects.

The negative thing for today is that my pants are tight, which means another pound has crept into the area where the sitting device needs a comfortable wrapping.  Now it's not, and I feel pssd off.

I went to the dentist yesterday.  I have some caves where the surrounding teeth keep either storage for
food or keep some pieces hostage in there.  I had two of those dens closed with modern door material.
One more to go.  I like my dentist, she's funny, but not when I want to take a nap when she's working
on my teeth:  she and her technician talk too much and disturb my attempts to take a little snooze.

I am sure that the drilling would have been less painful than the needle the doctor poked into my mouth's
inner flesh.  Must remember to mention that next time.

We have a cat.  His name is Merlin.  He is almost white, but has lots of black markings, including one
right beside his nose.  That was then one that I noticed first when we were at the Animal Rescue Center
looking for a kitten to adopt.  There was a Calico kitten, which was really pretty, BUT, she hissed at me,
and I said, if that's how you want to be, go back to your cage.  Merlin was cuddly right away, but oh, so
timid, and skinny.  Now he is none of that, but he is not fat, and will never be too fat, he's going to be
a big one, lean and big.  He likes to sleep in the early evening, so he'll be alert at night, to play in our bed.

More thoughts tomorrow.


Keziah Fenton said...

One Good Thing a day as really helped me shift my focus to all that is good in my life. It doesn't cancel the negative but helps me to deal with it. Good for you for taking that idea and making it your own. Your cavity descriptions were so good.

Pirk said...

Thanks muchly, for the idea and nice comment.

Janet said...

So his name is Merlin! I think he's beautiful...or should I say handsome.